Nebraska Code Camp is Growing Up!
Announcing Nebraska.Code()

We've done Nebraska Code Camp for four years now, and have seen a continued enthusiasm for the developer community the whole way, leading to a continued growth of the event. This year, we've taken steps to be able to grow further - now moving to a 3-day developer conference: Nebraska.Code().

"Code Camps" have traditionally followed all or most of the Code Camp Manifesto. As we've been planning this next iteration of Nebraska Code Camp, we realized we were no longer following even most of the principles. 2 of the 3 days of the event will be during the work week, and there will be a small cost of attending those days, for instance.

Wait a minute... So it's not free anymore?

We've always had our Saturday Code Camp be free to attendees - it's the one principle of the manifesto we've seen as non-negotiable. We are not changing this. Saturday of Nebraska.Code() is officially "Nebraska Code Camp" - it will be free to attendees just as it always has been.

This is going to be awesome

We have so many great things planned for Nebraska.Code(). We hope you'll be a part of it. So check out the site, maybe submit a session if you're inclined to speak, and tell your friends! We hope to see you all there this March 19-21, 2015